10 People Who Abused Plastic Surgery To Look Like Celebrities

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Ryan Gosling, Justin Bieber and Angelina Jolie sure have many fans but these impersonators took things a little too far.
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Plastic surgery is a personal choice for a man or woman to make. With a large variety of plastic surgery procedures including breast implants, body lifts, nose jobs, chin lifts and Botox (just to name a few), the laundry list of available work to be had is endless. The search for perfect beauty can be long-lasting for many individuals. Some of these plastic surgery addicts take their addiction to an extreme by trying to look like their favorite celebrity. They endure costly and painful plastic surgery procedures in order to change their appearance to match their favorite celebrity.

This is above and beyond the average plastic surgery experience. Some of these die-hard fans see it as a way to show their adoration to a celebrity. The amount of money one shells out in order to resemble their idol is also alarming. While some of these individuals resemble certain features others are erringly similar to the look of their beloved celebrity. These celebrity makeovers are done on a regular basis by plastic surgeons everywhere. While it is nearly impossible to recreate another person’s image entirely, it is possible to achieve a similarity to the subject.

While some want to imitate one feature of the celebrity, others want to change several things about their face or body to match the look of their favorite person. This is achieved by enhancing the patient’s own features so they can find their inner beauty while creating a striking similarity to the person they idolize.
While it’s no secret that celebrities use plastic surgery to enhance their own beauty, it’s now common for fans of these celebrities to endure the same surgeries to look like them too. Stay tuned for the good, bad and the ugly list of 10 people who have abused plastic surgery in order to look like celebrities.

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Nicholas Ryan (Ryan Gosling)
Crystal (Britney Spears)
Ashley Horn (Lindsay Lohan)
Carolyn Anderson (Pamela Anderson)
Octomom, Nadya Suleman (Angelina Jolie)
Mike and Matt Schlepp (Brad Pitt)
Miki Jay (Michael Jackson)
Myla Sinanaj (Kim Kardashian)
Toby Sheldon (Justin Beiber)
Jordan Parke ( Kim Kardashian)
Justin Jedlica (Ken Doll)
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