Worst Cases Of Plastic Surgery Obsession

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The quest for the perfect body is both challenging and nearly impossible. With society’s high standards of beauty, it can be overwhelming to maintain appearances over the course of our lifetimes. This is where plastic surgery comes in. It is a quick and easy route to change your appearance, or maintain the appearance you have, despite the pain and recovery time that’s needed. Some people just need a quick injection of Botox and their happy. However, there are some people who have extraordinarily high standards of what they want to look like, and they will go to great lengths to achieve that beauty. No matter how unrealistic the dream may be, or how crazy the idea is, the people in this video have forced their bodies to become broken, torn apart, and rebuilt again, waking up looking much different than when they went under the knife.
For example, there are select individuals who will break their ribs, go through painful enhancement and reduction surgeries, all for the endeavor of trying to look like a plastic doll that is far from the realistic perception of not only beauty, but how the human body is supposed to function. In the case of Valera Lukyanova, who is trying to look like the perfect replica of Barbie, she also has odd religious beliefs and is meant to put herself through these surgeries so people will know who she is and pay attention to her.
However, there are some people who have gone through so many plastic surgeries that they have managed to transform their faces into grotesque monsters. There is always a chance of a surgery becoming botched, and there’s not much to go back to once that happens. Regardless of these risks, the people in this video have gone through not one, one dozen, not one hundred, but instead a few hundred plastic surgeries. Of course, one must consider the psychological conditions of these people that makes them want to go through the multiple procedures. There is only so much a person can do before they eventually bow to the defeat of age, and finally come to an acceptance of their appearance for what it is.
But how much is too much? Where is the line that is drawn to stop the crazy expectations of beauty? No one really knows. Some of the people in this video have tragic endings, forcing their quest for beauty to become their death sentences, like in the case of Janet Hardt, who tore up the insides of her body and compromised her ability to fight off infections after injecting herself with hot beef fat.
On a more positive note, some of the people in this video have realized that the course of their life was unrealistic, deadly, and harmful to others, and have become advocates and spokespersons in movements against having so many plastic surgeries. With situations like this, there is hope that one day, maybe everyone who has put themselves through these procedures will eventually come around start on the path to healing.

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